Meet The Founder

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Meet our founder, Michael Joseph, who discoverd the idea of this company in a college classroom. He began his artistic journey at Bak Middle School of The Arts, studying theatre. Progressing his theatrical career throughout high school at A.W Dreyfoos School of The Arts. Through his theatre studies, he ventured into directing and filmmaking. Aside from various film projects, he served as a videographer for ‘Titan FC, a fighting league, featured on UFC Fight Pass. His work in filmmaking resulted in a strong recommendation from the University of Southern California and admittance to NYU`s Tisch School of the Arts. While he was thrilled to be accepted to such a prestigious program, he quickly realized that the university cared more about the size of my pocketbook than his artistic ability. 

" I was unable to attend Tisch School of the Arts because I lacked the financial resources. It became very clear I would be graduating NYU with thousands of dollars in debt and the same job security that I had before college. I know first-hand what it`s like to have the talent, but not the resources to advance your career. That’s why I created the 'J Network'. "

With the grit and willingness to never give up, he developed a product that eliminates barriers in the entertainment industry and empowers artists to create content wherever they are. The idea transpired one day in college while sitting in class, watching students perform. At the same time a friend of his casually sifted through people on a dating app. It was at that moment he saw the future of the entertainment industry. A way for content creators to sift through local talent as they do for a date. 

" I`ve continued my film studies at the University of Central Florida and have worked tirelessly to create a solution for anyone else in my shoes, with a dream, but lacking resources. "